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Wossman High School Summer Reading 2022

Summer reading is mandatory for all students. Students need to read the assigned novel over the summer and complete the attached assignments. Assignments differ by class level.


VISIT YOUR TEACHER’S WEBSITE FOR SPECIFIC INFORMATION REGARDING ASSIGNMENTS. NOTE: If you attend the Summer Enrichment Program, you may use the book you read in that class.


English I:

We Beat the Street by Sampson Davis, G. Jenkins, R. Hunt


The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo


The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas 



English I:
Please read the following assignments carefully. Any assignment plagiarized in whole or in part will receive a 0. We want to know what YOU think!

Regular level classes must complete Assignment #1.
Honors and Gifted classes must complete BOTH Assignment #1 AND #2.

Assignment #1: ANNOTATIONS -- Mandatory for ALL students --
Annotate the novel, writing questions and comments in the margins. Ideally, you should read the novel once, and annotate the novel upon a second
reading. Annotations consist of TWO PARTS:
A. Highlighting or marking w/sticky notes specific lines or phrases in the text you wish to comment on. These should be color-coded (see below). D o not
mark entire paragraphs!
B. notes written in the margins of the book commenting on a specific idea such as character, plot, style, etc. You should have a t least 5 annotations per
chapter. This minimum will earn you a passing grade, but does NOT guarantee an “A.” It is a minimum.

Your annotations should reflect a CLOSE READING of the novel. If you have never annotated for a close read before, Google “how to annotate literature” or
follow these links:
Five close reading strategies to support the Common Core:
Annotation Guide:

Use the following code to guide your comments:
- BLUE HIGHLIGHTING/STICKY NOTES: IDENTIFY MOTIFS -- a motif is a dominant idea in an artistic or literary composition. In a motif, you
may have any literary element that repeats and forms a pattern that gives the audience a feeling of unity, recognition, or completion. Repeated elements
may include but are not limited to characterization, conflict, verbal expression, symbols, action, setting.

- YELLOW HIGHLIGHTING/STICKY NOTES: IRONY ( verbal, situational, dramatic). Where do you see the author using irony, and what kind of
irony is being used? What does the reader learn about human behavior? If you do not understand irony, watch this video: What is Irony? Three Types of
Irony Lesson

*If highlighting or sticky notes are not available, record your annotations in a journal or Google Doc.

Assignment #2: WRITING TASK 

Write a 500 to 750-word literary analysis that discusses the significance of at least two of the motifs used in the novel. Be sure to include details (evidence)
from your annotations to support your claims. T his composition should be typed and double spaced, using Times New Roman 12-point font. MLA heading should
be used, including your full name and the due date. * All summer reading assignments are due Monday, August 30th.* Late assignments WILL NOT be




(ALL parents are required to have an account to view their child’s academic progress, attendance, and discipline information.) 


If you do not already have access to the Student Progress Center, please create an account using these instructions:  

  • Go to
    2021-2022 Ready to Achieve School Operational Guidelines . MCS plans to provide continuous learning for the 2021-2022 school year. Students will be offered two distinct learning modes: face-to-face, as allowed by medical and government officials, or 100% virtual.
  • Click on “Log Me Into” 
  • Select Student Progress Center 
  • Click on “Register New User” 
  • Select your relationship to the student as indicated in JCAMPUS (Student’s Records: Mother, Father, or Guardian) 
  • Type your last name as indicated in JCAMPUS
  • Type student’s PSN# (Last 5 digits of student’s Social Security Number) 
  • Click “Continue” and follow the instructions to create your username and password 




Course Description:

English I provides an academic atmosphere that expands students’ reading and writing experiences, building a foundation for their high school and post- secondary academic careers. The course will allow students to improve their reading, writing, and communication skills through various effective strategies found in the common instructional framework including classroom talk, collaborative group work, writing to learn, literacy groups, questioning, and scaffolding. You will encounter various genres of literature and several styles of writing, with a particular common core emphasis placed on nonfiction texts as well as evidence-based writing. The LEAP 2025 exam will be taken by all 9th grade students in the spring of 2022.


Classroom Supplies:


(1)   Three-inch binder (1)

(2)   Loose Leaf Paper (as needed during the year)

(3)   Speckled Composition Notebook (1)

(4)   Many, Many, Many Pens (black or blue ink only) and pencils

(5)   Red Pen (1pkg)

(6)   Highlighter (4 different colors)

(7)   Pencil/Pen Bag (w/holes)

(8)   Package of 6 Dividers (1pkg)

      (9) Manila Folder (1)

      (10) Kleenex (1 box)

      (11) Hand Sanitizer

      (12) MASK (keep on at ALL times)

      (13) Solid Color Pocket Folder (1)




Class Organization:

All materials are to be kept in your binder. You must bring this binder and all other materials to class every day. Label dividers according to the model below:


(1)   Divider 1- English-Resources

(2)   Divider 2- Unit 1 The Joy Luck Club

(3)   Divider 3 – Unit 2 A Lesson Before Dying

(4)   Divider 4 – Unit 3 Romeo and Juliet

(5)   Divider 5 – LEAP 2025

(6)   Divider 6- Writing Composition  


Classroom Procedures:

All Wossman High School procedures and rules will apply in our classroom. Students are also expected to:


(1)   Come to class on time. It is not enough to be in the classroom when the bell sounds. You must be in your desk with materials ready when the bell sounds or you are tardy! You will not be permitted to return to your locker during class time. Also, students are to use the restroom before they come to class.

(2)   Raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged before speaking.

(3)   Be respectful of yourself, your classmates, and your teacher. Always behave as young men and young women, use mannerisms and language appropriate for school. NO PROFANITY!!!

(4)   Follow all directions. Read the directions that are provided. Listen when directions are given. Ask questions if you do not understand.

(5)   Always… Use blue or black ink on assignments(ONLY), write on the front of the paper(I do not take work with writing on the back, write on loose-leaf paper or paper with perforated edges(I will not accept torn out sheets of paper)

(6)   Do not eat, drink, or chew in the classroom. No eating of any kind is permitted in the class. If you need to be medicated, you will be permitted to go to the office for assistance.

(7)   Have fun learning! Learning is exciting. Be an eager and aggressive learner. Renew your mind and think positively. Think “Yes I Can!”


Assignments and Grades:

Nine-week grades will be compiled from the following items:


(1)   Written/Computerized Tests. These tests will contain some or all of the following components: multiple choice, short answer, modified true/false, and essay.

(2)   Group Grades. Grades are based on each student’s knowledge of the content, participation, and ability to follow instructions. A rubric will be provided.

(3)   Quizzes. Quizzes will be given randomly as we discuss the lesson.

(4)   Project Grades. During the year special projects will be assigned to enhance the comprehension of the lesson. Grades are based on your knowledge of content, analysis and application of comprehended information as it applies to the lesson, ability to follow instructions, and effort. A rubric will be provided.

(5)   Bellringers. At the beginning of each class period, there will be a bellringer of some sort on the screen. Students are to write and complete the bellringer in their speckled composition book. This notebook will be assessed at the end of the nine weeks for a grade.


Your grade will be calculated based on the total number of points available from the assignments given. Grade averages are calculated by the following formula:


Average = (total points earned / total points possible) x 100%


Public Service Announcement


PLAGIARISM “Plagiarism is the act of taking another person’s writing, HOMEWORK, conversation, song or even idea and passing it off as your own. This includes information from web pages, books, songs, television shows, e-mail messages, interviews, articles, artwork, or any other medium. Whenever you paraphrase, summarize, or take words, phrases or sentences from another person’s work, it is necessary to indicate the source of the information within your paper [speech or debate] using an internal citation. It is not enough to just list the source in a bibliography at the end of the paper. Failing to properly quote, cite or acknowledge someone else’s words or ideas with an internal citation is plagiarism.”



Plagiarism on any project or paper will result in a zero for the assignment.  Students who willingly provide another student with access to their work will also receive a grade of zero for that assignment.  I want to see your learning and knowledge on the work you turn in, not someone else’s.






Other Pertinent Information:

(1)   All missed assignments are due on the day you return. Check google classroom for assignments missed during absences.

(2)   Make up exams will be given on an assigned day. It is your responsibility to know the exam or assignment missed; it is also your responsibility to come to me to make up the missed assignment.

(3)   Due dates will be strictly enforced. 

(4)   Missed bellringers are your responsibility for makeup. Get with a classmate for makeup bellringers.

(5)   Assignments missed due to in-school or out-of-school suspension are your responsibility. It is your responsibility to come to me to make up the missed assignment.

(6)   Always have colored highlighters in your pencil bag for annotating.

(7)   Use 1 color ink on your assignment. If you start in blue, finish in blue. Likewise, if you start in black, finish in black!




It is my pleasure to be your instructor this year. You are held responsible for your learning and being prepared. If you do not understand something or are confused, please see me for help! Do not hesitate or wait.


Success Is Our Goal!