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Hopewell Valley Regional School District   2021-2022

Dr. Jing Conover 

(Ning Lao Shi 宁老师)



Class Materials:

  1. Index cards

  2. Composition notebook 

  3. Binder (approx. 1 inch) 


Class Rules:

There are several rules established in order to facilitate the teaching and learning process. 

  1. Follow all school rules in the HVRSD Student Handbook.

  2. Students are expected to arrive on time, remain in class and participate actively.

  3. NO cell phone during class.

  4. Students are encouraged to keep up previewing the new texts and reviewing them.

  5. All homework assignments must be submitted on time. Written homework assignments must be handed in as hard copy. 

  6. Be respectful of your classmates. Listen quietly when others speak.

Student’s Evaluation:

The final grade will be calculated as the following:

  1. 40%    Written Assessment

  2. 40%    Oral Assessment 

  3. 10%    Participation 

  4. 10%    Homework Assignment 



  • Verbal warning.

  • Conference with teacher.

  • Teacher detention and call to parents or guardians.