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Dr. Jing Conover

Chinese Language Teacher
Timberlane Middle School & Central High School
609-737-4004 (Ext. 1205)
My Chinese name is Ning Jing, which means "serenity, tranquility or peace". 
My first bachelor's degree is English language & American literature. My second degree is on international news.  My master degree is from University of Manchester, England, which is on Communication, Education and Technology. I came to Rutgers for my Ph.D degree and majored in Media Studies. (Some of my students call me Dr. Jing instead of  宁老师)
I love learning different languages. Language not only is necessary for communications between people, but also carries the profound cultural tradition and heritage. I taught Chinese students English language while being in China. After l left China, I taught English native speakers Chinese. I'm so excited to be your teacher and I'm already impressed with your courage and determination to learn the Chinese language with me. Let's work hard and make progress together!