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I'm grateful for the privilege of working with your Wossman High School student for the 2021/2022 school year.  This year, I'm expecting to see greatness from the bright minds that fill my student rosters. 




What Can Your Student Expect From Me?


Value. I believe in doing valuable things with maximum effort. Students should expect to work hard on meaningful assignments. The mathematics taught is rigorous, and so are the assignments. My class is a no "busy-work" zone. 


Reward for Work. I believe in rewarding hard work! Homework assignments don't have many questions, but they are primarily constructed-response and will take effort. Because these assignments will help build mathematical thought, they are weighted heavily in the students' final grades. 




Extra Support. I believe in helping each student achieve his or her personal grade goals by offering free tutoring sessions for my subject areas. It's easier to address misconceptions immediately than to try to recover after weeks of being lost. My goal is that your student finishes the year with a grade they EARNED and are PROUD OF. This may look a little different during this COVID pandemic, but stay tuned for online support schedules. 


Mathematical Confidence. I believe in building students' mathematics confidence by thoroughly preparing them for all in-class and standardized tests. We will begin each class period by working a LEAP or End Of Course test question used in the past. 


Respectful Class Structure. I believe in a classroom where students build one another up, rather than break one another down. Respect for self, classmates, and the classroom environment will be prioritized so students feel comfortable participating in the activities that will prepare them. 






What Can Parents/Guardians Expect of Me?



Positive Communication. If you have a student in my class, you are likely to hear from me. You can expect all phone calls about your student to have some positive information. Some calls may be all positive things. Some calls may be to get your help or advice concerning your students--even these calls will discuss the good and the areas that need improvement. 


Concern for Your Money. You will not see large lists of supplies necessary for my classroom. I ask for basic supplies only.  


Concern for Your Time. Family time and extra-curricular activities are an important part of your students' lives. Therefore, all assignments will be valuable and meaningful. Questions will be chosen to help your student develop mathematical problem-solving skills on a high level, instead of simply having your student complete hundreds of simple problems that only exercise a technical skill. 


Concern for YOUR Student. While it is important to me that my class does well, I want your student to succeed. No student is beyond help. Every student can be successful. I will push your student academically. I will encourage them to reach higher than they think is possible. 




 Please see my syllabus for FAQ's. I'm so thankful that I'm on your student's teaching team!! Let's do this!!