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Our day starts at 8:40!


  • Come to the classroom to get unpacked- Students will be sat at a specific table and will be called to unpack based on that colork
  • Morning Work while we get ready to start our day- This will be some kind of worksheet that reinforces skills we have been working on. I.E. addition, shapes, letters, cut & paste, counting sight words, money, and so much more!
  • Reading- Reading this year will consist of so many topics, including book shopping, fiction, nonfiction, and strategies to help get us reading!
  • Special
  • Recess/Lunch
  • Writing - Writer's Workshop will be a time that your child will grow as a writer! We will cover many different topics such as starting sentences with a capital letter, adding punctuation, labeling our pictures, and so much more!
  • Math - Math will be such a fun time this year! We will cover topics such as addition, subtraction, identifying shapes, counting, identifying numbers, money, and so much more!
  • Fundations- In Fundations, we will learn all the letters in the alphabet (uppercase and lowercase) and we will meet Echo the Owl!
  • Science/Social Studies - Science this year will be a time of exploration! We will cover many different science such as life science and physical science! During social studies, we will learn interesting topics about our history!
  • Centers - Centers is a time where students can explore different and practice different topics we've learned! Center time encourages social skills practice and fine motor skills as we work on many different things such as puzzles, games, books, ipads, and many other fun activities!
  • Pack up and time to go home! :)