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English II Assignments


Accessing Class Assignments and Announcements

  • Check Gmail and OnCourse Connect DAILY.

  • OnCourse Connect is where all daily assignments, tests, and essays will be completed.

  • Gmail is your email account, where I will send you reminders, helpful links, and provide help if you ask. 



  • You will be graded on a number of assignments.

  • Journals will be required three times a week, on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. These must be well-developed paragraphs answering the prompt provided. You must keep a notebook for your journals and they will be checked daily. I will combine the journal grades from each week during a six week period into one grade at the end of that 6 weeks. It will be between 50 and 70 points. Each journal is worth 5 points.

  • Grammar practice will be completed twice a week, on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. You must keep a folder with looseleaf for Test Prep bellworks. This will be a combined grade of 30 points at the end of each six weeks. 

  • Reading, writing, and discussion assignments will be assigned and graded weekly. 

  • Essays and larger projects will be assigned once a six weeks, and will typically be worth 100 points.


Late assignments: You will have one letter grade taken off of the assignment for each day it is late. 

After three days, the assignment will no longer be accepted. 

Makeup work: You will have three days to make up assignments from the date of absence. Check the calendar on my website to learn what you missed each day.