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"You are a work of ART. Not everyone will understand you.

But the ones who do will never forget about you,"


Hello and welcome to the Burch Family!


I am Mr. Simmonds, and I am honored to rejoin the Burch staff for the 2020-2021 school year.

I am really eager to create, learn, and share art with our amazing scholars, especially following such challenging times this past school year.


I am an alumni of The Pratt Institute, from which I earned my BFA degree in Communications Design. I have worked with young people in a variety of capacities throughout my adult life, with the last 17 years dedicated to Art Education. It is my firm belief that art belongs to everyone, and if there is life, we should always find a way- to bring forth creativity.


I will do my utmost to create a safe environment for your children to learn and explore, so they can reach their fullest potential. I will teach them to be lifelong learners, with an emphasis upon ubiquitous creativity.

I am looking ahead with excitement toward the cooperative encounters of students, teachers, and parents this year.


Please know that now more than ever before, your support and involvement in your child's academic development is pivotal, especially, in this period of rapid global changes. I am optimistic that this school year possesses amazing benefits for us all.


Best Regards

Mr. Simmonds