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Spring Is In The Air


Spring 2021 began
  • Saturday, March 20 &  ends Sunday, June 20




What Happens I Spring


Spring is one of the four Earth seasons, that goes after winter and foreshadows summer.

At this time of the year, days become longer and the weather better, warmer.

The coming of spring means rebirth.

Rebirth of nature, a lot of animals wake up from hibernation and have a breeding period.

Also, a lot of birds return to their homes, because of good temperatures.

Spring season means more outdoors walking and spending time outside, in nature,

and also this time of a year is best for meditation:

forget about worries, clear your mind and just concentrate on the beauty and sound of nature.










"Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull

of what you really love.

In the depths, there is a spring with all the water

your heart is thirsty for. "