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PARENTS-if you yourself or any other adult in the home is sick with ANY symptoms, DO NOT send your children to school until you have a negative COVID-19 test. This is for the protection of students and staff in the school building. If you are sick, your children can and will spread the illness, even if they do not exhibit symptoms themselves. 


Parents, please review the "Reopening Plan" on the school website. There you will find our procedure if your child(ren) becomes ill while in school. ***Please DO NOT send sick children to school. This includes even a runny nose. Children presenting with ANY symptoms listed on the reopening plan will be sent home. **This does include a symptom as common as a runny nose. This is due to COVID-19 presenting with incredibly variable symptoms, often with only one symptom. 


Please know, we understand this all very difficult to accommodate in your daily lives. We are mindful that parents must work and child care can be difficult to secure. Many of us at Cape May City Elementary are parents as well, so we do understand what you are all going through. Unfortunately these are unprecidented and unsure times and we must do anything to keep our school community safe and healthy. 



As the School Nurse, my priority is the health and safety of all students, parents, families, and staff. On this page you will find current health information related to our school and community. You can also find any school health forms to download and complete at any time. 




 Back to School Toolkit 2020.pdf 



If your child has asthma, please submit an Asthma Action Plan my office after completed by a pediatrician. Please notify me immediately if your child has any health concerns. 


Please read EVERYTHING, as everything we post or send home is important. You can find many important forms and lots of information here. Never hesitate to call and ask if you have a question.


Always send students to school dressed appropriately for the weather. I will not have the ability to lend coats and shoes as I have in the past, due to infection control issues. Hopefully this will change.



Tiffany Bohn RN, BSN, CSN