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We will be using the Lucy Calkin's Writers Workshop Program.

It will work in conjunction with the Lucy Calkin's Readers Workshop Program.


First Grade Writing  

Through journal writing and the writing center, we encourage kids to use "kid writing." This means that they spell words as they hear them, "writing what they hear." As children develop, they begin to learn that print has meaning and will start associating sounds to letters. Then as they become more fluent, they will begin to use more conventional spelling for familiar words.
As we teach Spelling words and word families, we expect children to spell those words properly in their daily writing. This year, we are incorporating the Lucy Calkin's Writing Program, which models correct writing technique and enriches their writing. Children will learn the writing process of prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. They will participate in shared writing, interactive writing, modeled writing, and independent writing,as well as participate in publication celebrations at the end of each unit!