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Lucy Calkins Reader's Workshop

We are implementing the Lucy Calkin's Reading Program this year.  It works in conjunction with the Lucy Calkin's Writers Workshop.


Guided Reading 
Guided Reading is a method of teaching reading that is part of a balanced literacy program.  Students work in flexible groups of 3-6 and are instructed in strategies to foster independent reading. 

  Here are some things we say (and that parents can use at home) to encourage early readers to use the guided reading strategies.
  *Read it with your finger.
  *Did you have enough words?  Too many words? 
  *Does that make sense? 
  *Does that sound right? 
  *Does it look like _____? 
  *Read that again. With more developing readers,try the following prompts:                        

       *Get your mouth ready. 
        *Look across the word.
       *What do you know (about that letter, sound, etc.)?          
       *Chunk the word. 
        *Look into the word.
        *What other sound can I try?

 Probably the LEAST effective advice you can give your child is "sound it out."  It works so infrequently!

Guided reading is assessed by the use of Running Records.  These records provide a word-by-word measurement of what the child is capable  of reading and what types of mistakes he/she is making.  I can then re-instruct on the specific needs the child has and move them to whatever group he/she seems to need.