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Welcome to Mr. Scism's Health and Physical Education Class! I'm excited to bring my mission in providing a physical education program that offers students an active, engaging, and safe learning environment that contributes to their knowledge, physical fitness, health and wellness, athletic skills, and social and emotional development needed to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle to Brass Castle School.


Virtual Learning:

I have listed below descriptions of activities and resources for students to do during the time we are not in school. During this time, it is important to incorporate as much physical activity and movement into your day as possible. Please feel free to join in being active with your child! I've included activities, games, and workouts that are simple and fun that you can check out to do throughout the day. Please look at the tabs on the left for activities and challenges that you can do for fun!


P.E. Home Instruction Assignments:

Please check the home instruction tab for assignments. I also will be posting daily messages for updates, suggestions, and ideas!


Family Fitness Challenge:

I challenge you and your family to stay active by visiting the "Family Fitness Challenge" page! Try it on your own or even better get together during a time that works best for all family members to participate.


GoNoodle Activities:

Use this resource to find dance and workout videos you may like. Great for having fun and letting out some extra energy!


DEAM Calendar:

"Drop Everything And Move," you can print out and follow this online fitness calendar. These fitness activites are easy to follow and can be something students can do in between their classwork!


P.E at Home Activities and Videos:

These online games and activities are simple physical education activities and workouts that can be done inside or outside of the house. These activities can be used for brain breaks, enjoyment, and/or relaxation. Try out these activities to stay active and have fun while being at home!



Stay Safe, Have Fun and Keep Yourself Active!



Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


-Mr. Scism


 [email protected]


(908) 689-1188 ext. 4670