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Hola, mis clases!


I know this is a tough time for evereyone, and I am here to help you with whatever you may need! Please do not hesitate to email me!


All students:


1. Your assignments will be on the calendar. (If you click "Homework & Events" on the side bar, they will be there)

2. We will also hold Zoom Meetings, so please be sure to have an account. (email me if you need help)

2b. Your Zoom Meeting Info will be posted on the calendar in the same way as your assignments. 


Spanish 1 students! Your assignments/Zoom will be YELLOW in the calendar. (also labeled S1)


Spanish 2 students! Your assignments/Zoom will be PURPLE in the calendar. (also labeled S2)


All assignments will be posted Monday and Wednesdays. 

Zoom Meetings will be posted at least once a week but we will all work together to see if we need more.


*Please remember to stay at home/safe during this time. 


I miss you all so much! And can not wait to see you!


-Señora Smith


 Zoom Website instructions.docx