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Welcome to Preschool Orientation



Welcome to our classroom! I am looking forward to working with you and your child throughout this school year!

**Important Information**


Please send the following items with your child to school:



¶    If your child is bringing his/her lunch, please make sure it is labeled with his/her name.

¶    If your child is buying lunch, please send money in a sealed envelope labeled with his/her name, my name, and his/her account number.  You also have the option to pay for your student’s lunch online on our Schools website.



¶    Students will need a healthy snack (ex: fruit, pretzels, goldfish, animal crackers, granola bar, etc.) and a drink for snack each day.



Extra clothes:

¶    Please send in a complete set of extra clothes (including underwear, socks, shirt, pants/shorts) for your student to keep at school. These clothes will be kept in his/her cubby in a container.




¶    If your student wears a diaper or a pull-up, please send in a supply of these items and wipes.  If you are sending in pull-ups, it is greatly appreciated if they have the re-sealable sides so students do not have to remove their shoes and pants each time their pull-up needs to be changed.



Please send the following items to school with your student everyday:

¶    Large bookbag with his/her communication book and folder

¶    Healthy snack and drink


If you are able, please donate one package/container of wipes and one box of tissues to our classroom. These donations are greatly appreciated and very useful!!



Please clearly label all of your student’s belongings.


If your child is going to be absent, please let me know through a note, email, or phone call. You can also leave a message with our secretary.



I am very excited to have the opportunity to guide your child throughout a year full of growth, learning, and fun!  I thank you in advance for your support and for sharing your child with me this year!  If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.


Orientation 2018

- IEP skill areas:

  • Fine Motor- cutting, building with manipulatives, drawing, writing, lacing, etc.
  • Gross Motor- jumping, running, hopping, throwing, catching, etc.
  • Social-Emotional- indicating needs, participation, following routine and rules, playing, sharing, etc.Communication- following directions, asking & answering questions, PECS, ESL, etc.
    • Use social skills training/stories, token reward system, visual schedule, direction cards
  • Readiness- shapes, colors, numbers, counting, letters, address, phone number, name recognition, positional words (under, next to…), patterns, etc.
  • Self-Help- toilet training, independent dressing and eating, hand washing, cooking, etc.


- Academics- integrated throughout day in Centers, Circle, Morning Meeting, and small group activities through use of songs, books, games, art, puzzles, etc.


- Important Notes:

  • Please read and return communication book each night
  • As weather changes please send in extra clothing appropriate for colder temperatures.



Thank you so much for attending Orientation!!  We look forward to working with you as a team in your child’s education and development!!


~Ms. Toni