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 2019-2020 weekly schedule.docx 

Daily Schedule 2019-2020 School Year


Arrival/Self-Help/Fine Motor- Arrival, hang up book bags, unbutton/unzip coats, take off and hang up coats and/or hats, check & follow schedules, sign-in, work on fine motor table top activities, and use the bathroom.


Morning Meeting- Participate orally and using hand motions for 2 songs. Students answer questions (orally or using picture cards) related to student’s previous evening and gain experience with being an attentive listener to classmates. New theme introduced and daily message written and discussed.


Centers- Students rotate to each of the Centers that are ‘open’ on a particular day. Centers include Dramatic Play, Blocks, Toys and Games, Science and Sensory, and Art. Students may also join in a Small Group Activity such as a game, fine motor activity, academic activity, etc.


Circle- Students will select name found amongst classmates’, spell it, and then state “my name is…” using the microphone. Once a student masters his/her name he/she will work on learning his/her birthday, address, and phone number. Students will participate in songs and finger plays and move/dance/hop/turn to various songs using their whole bodies and isolated body parts. Students will recite and sign the classroom rules. Students will participate in calendar activities through reviewing the days of the week, counting the number of days thus far, and identifying the month and year. Students will participate in games, activities, songs, and books that focus on body part identification, letter-sound recognition, number recognition, identifying and sorting objects by size, shape, and color, etc.


Lunch/Self-Help-  Students will clean their hands, find and sit in their chair at the table, unpack and organize lunch, make a verbal/picture request for help if needed, participate in conversations with teachers/peers, clean face with a napkin, and throw away trash.


Gross Motor/Recess- Students will participate in large gross motor activities including running, jumping, riding bikes, etc. Students will also work on communication and social skills while using playground equipment, playing in the sand box, participating in obstacle courses, and using equipment such as hool-a-hoops, large balls, chalk, bubbles, etc.


Storytime- Students will sit and listen to a story. Students will respond to questions regarding the story.  Students will pass Brown Bear to classmates after giving a “good night” hug.


Bathroom and Snacktime- After using the bathroom, students will use self-help, communication, and social skills while enjoying their snack.


Dismissal- Students will pack their backpack, put on and zipper/button coats, and independently look at books.