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Our Schedule:



K-2 MD Schedule 2021-2022


7:45- Teacher and Instructional Aides Arrival

7:55-8:00- Student arrival

7:50-8:00Arrival, Unpack and Morning work

8:00-8:15 MORNING MEETING   

8:15-9:00 FUNDATIONS- Whole groups and table work.

STEAM TH-F  8:15-8:45

9:00-9:40 ELA- Reading and Writing


9:45-10:30 SPECIAL 

      M- Art   T- PE   W- PE   TH- W.Language    F- Music

10:30-10:40  BATHROOM BREAK

      10:40-11:00 RECESS

         11:00-11:10- HAND WASHING

11:10-11:40 LUNCH in the Classroom


11:45-12:45- MATH

12:45- Students may eat a Snack

12:45-1:15-  ELA Centers

     1:15-1:45- Science

1:45-2:15- WIN- Individual times- Groups


2:20 Dismissal- 

BUS- HC, VC(TES) LD and KS (T3)