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 Welcome to Mrs. Lucariello's Art World 

      Please don't send your child in good clothing on art days.  If you would like them to wear a smock please send it in their backpack that day.  I have no space to store so many smocks so it will have to be stored in their backpack or in their classrooms.



History/Genre/Culture:  Pattern

Artist:   Daniella Willet-Rabin

Medium:  Paint

Cross Curricular: Art; history; language arts (Writing Topic - The Serenade); 

Essential Questions:  What is pattern? 



PreK -  Quilt Patterns


Kindergarten - Quilt Patterns


First Grade - Ice Cream Cones in Secondary Colors


Second Grade - 


Third Grade - Landscape with patterns


Fourth Grade - Color Scale using their own scale pictures


Fifth Grade - Still life with value scale


Sixth Grade - Kandinsky trees