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Students will occasionally have homework and when they do it is expected to be turned in on time.  Not handing in homework will reflect in their Terrapin Ten scores! I only count homework on whether or not it was completed and handed in on time.  


If at any time your child is struggling through their homework...PLEASE, have them stop and bring it in to me to go over with them the next day.




Classwork is expected to be completed during the day, but there may be occasions where the student does not finish.  This may be homework for that evening.


Snack and Water 

Students are allowed to bring a snack and a water bottle.  They must only bring water though, due to the Chromebooks always being on their desk.  We will have a set snack time, and students may bring a snack that can be neatly eaten at some point in the day :)



I like to start out the year and get a feel for my class.  I do not have a behavior "system" in place, but it is expected by 6th grade they should know how to act responsibly and respectfully in and out of my classroom.  If at anytime this is not the case, I will first speak to the student and we will work on correcting the problem.  If the behavior continues I will reach out to the parents.  This is all subject to change based on the class.....  But let's *think positive* that this will be enough :)


We also have a school-wide character education recognition award.  Students should always be showing good character and working towards this goal as well.