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Week of 4/1




  • Thursday April 18th: Bring Your Child to Work Day
  • Spring Break begins on April 18th at 12:00.
  • May 2nd FIELD DAY



This week:




  • We are in Chapter 9: Geometry and Measurement
  • We also use Prodigy, ST Math, and xTra Math to reinforce what we have been learning.  All of these can be done at home for practice.




  • We have finished our novel: Bridge to Terabithia. We will be completing activities that relate to reading strategies, questioning, and summarizing.
  • We are working on perfect verb tenses.
  • We will be working on 2 articles weekly on Achieve 3000.


Social Studies


  • We are discussing the age of exploration.



  • We are learning about EARTH SCIENCE in the classroom and in STEAM we are helping to design our new school garden!