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Medication Administration at School


Medication should be administered at home if at all possible. However, if it is necessary to administer medication at school, the following requirements must be met:


1) Written request by the parent/guardian which gives permission for such administration and relieves the board and its employees of liability for administration of same medication.


Parent Medication Permission Form


2) Written order from prescribing physician which must include:   

  • Type of Medication
  • Purpose of Medication
  • Dosage
  • Time/Special circumstances under which the medication shall be administered
  • Length of time for which the medication is prescribed
  • Possible side effects of the medication


Physician Medication Order Form


3) Medicaiton must be brought to school in its original container by a parent or guardian. It will be kept in the health office in a locked cabinet


4) Medication can only be administered by the School Nurse, Substitute Nurse, or Parent/Guardian