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About Speech/Language Pathologists
The profession of Speech-Language Pathology requires a Master’s Degree. In addition, Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) complete at least 400 hours of practicum with a variety of populations and disorders in a multitude of settings. 

After passing a national board exam, SLPs are required to complete a supervised Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY). Upon completion of the CFY, the SLP obtains a Certificate of Clinical Competence. You will see this in the SLP’s credentials as CCC-SLP. He/she is also required to have a state license to practice. All practicing SLPs have the same educational level and licensure, whether they practice in hospitals, clinics, schools, etc. 

Areas of expertise for SLPs include: stuttering, articulation, swallowing disorders, voice disorders, language disorders, and overall communication disorders secondary to traumatic brain injury, strokes, cognitive impairments, and craniofacial syndromes.