Unit 5 Vocab. Quiz on Tuesday, 3/28

Unit 5 Test on 4/12

Please use your paper copy and Quizlet to study these 12 terms. 

Access Quizlet through my Science Google Classroom link. 


Remember, this is a digital unit. Please review text on ThinkCentral. Unit 5 G 3. Use your review sheet in the packet to study. 



1. Volcanoes can cause craters and create new land.

2. Erosion is when something is moved to a new place. For example, there is wind and water erosion at the beach. 


There are only 15 questions. It is a digital test created by Science Fusion. 





1. canyon   A valley with steep sides
2. earthquake   A shaking of Earth's surface that can cause land to rise and fall
3. erosion   The process of MOVING weathered rock and soil from one place to another
4. flood   A large amount of water that normally covers dry land
5. glacier   A large, thick sheet of slow-moving ice
6. landform   a natural shape or feature on Earth's surface
7. mountain   The highest kind of land, with sides that slope toward its top
8. plain   flat land that spreads out a long way
9. plateau   A flat area higher than the land around it.
10. valley   The low land between mountains or hills
11. volcano   A mountain made of lava, ash, or other materials from eruptions
12. weathering   The breaking down of rocks on Earth's surface into smaller pieces.