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Homework Procedures



As I will discuss with you at Back to School Night, I want your child's homework to be at an appropriate level for them. If you feel your child is struggling to complete the assigned pages in Math, please write me a note and assist them to the best of your ability. We can talk about changing your child's homework to support his or her needs. If you feel your child needs to be challenged more in Math, please let me know, and I will provide additional enrichment activities for you to do with your child like the ones we do in class. 



Spelling lists can be found in Literacy packets and in Journey's wkbk pages and on thie website. We do not use a "challenge" list this year because we do a lot of  Phonics/Word Work with these words and want the students to understand how to decode the words, not just spell them! Our five challenge words work as extra credit. 



Please encourage your child to read both silently and out loud on a daily basis at home. Reading out loud is crucial to improving your child's fluency and expression. As you listen to your child, you can help him or her pronounce words or model how to use expression. If you are unsure of your child's reading level, please ask me. As your child progresses throughout the year, I will keep you updated on their level.


When we visit the Library each week, students are enouraged to select two books, one on their reading level and one for enjoyment. It is our class goal that during our D.E.A.R. time each week, students will read and take an Accelerated Reader Quiz for a book they've finished. If a student finishes their books early, they are able to visit the Library on any given day to get another book. If a student is reading a longer book, they may need an extra week or so to complete the Accelerated Reader Quiz, but it will be worth more points.


Please keep in mind that your child is responsible for at least one AR quiz per month. Their quiz reusult will be added to our grade book. If your child reads multiple books in one month, I will take their highest score. Please see the Accelerated Reader tab for more information. 


Each week before we have our Journeys tests, I send home your child's Journey's workbook so they can review the skills they will be tested on. If you feel your child doesn't understand a skill, please let me know and I can provide extra support for them. The Journeys text can be accessed on my Links page. Students are permitted to use their text during Comprehension tests, but it may help to review the material before the test. After we take our assessments, please log in to see your child's test result and let me know if you have any questions. 


Raz Kids

Students are also encouraged to read Raz Kids books, which automatically are assigned to students according to their level. We will read some stories in class, and it is a great resource to improve comprehension and fluency at home, as well. Please access this through my Links page, and let me know if you have any issues! Be sure to check out the recording feature, as well!