Weekly Class Happenings




No assessments due to holiday week. 


Genre: Fiction

Narrative Writing: Narrative Writing. Focus Trait: Ideas

Target Skills: Main Idea & Details, Text Structure, Onomatopoeia, Idioms

Target Strategy: Visualize

Fluency: Phrasing: Punctuation

Decoding: VCCV Pattern and Word Parts

Vocabulary Strategies: Shades of Meaning, Dictionary Skills

Grammar: Adjectives


Each week, please review the lesson information in your child's Literacy folder and workbook to help them prepare for our Weekly Tests on Friday.

For our Reading Tests, it is helpful for students to read or listen to the stories again using their online text and ask them questions about what they've read.

For Spelling Tests, I suggest a "fake spelling test" where someone gives the list verbally as your child writes the answers. If your child gets any wrong, then have them write that word 5x each.

For Grammar Tests, please review the workbook pages, worksheets, and additional lesson using the online text.

Please see my Links tab to use Journey's online. As you review with your child, please send me a note if you have any questions or concerns, and I will be happy to help!




Topic 14 Measurement Units and Conversions


Students will use various methods to measure and covert to various units of measurement. 


If your child is having trouble with a lesson, please feel free access Pearson online and watch the lesson again. Please send me a note about any issues your child is having, and I will be happy to work with them the next day. 


Unit 5- Changes to Earth's Surface


This unit will be taught digitally. Students will have a packet with extra pages to study. Feel free to have your child review the digital lessons at home online. Please access the Science Fusion lessons the same way you access the Literacy lessons through ThinkCentral.   


Your child has an interactive text this year, so they will be writing in the text at times. However, please be advised that most of our lessons will be done digitally, so there will be mostly end of the lesson pages completed. Feel free to fill in pages that we have covered digitally in class as a way to help your child prepare for future assessments.