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Supply List 2018-2019



I am looking forward to meeting our 3D team! I will supply most of your "equipment" this year. You will need to bring the following:


* A 1.5 inch three ring binder (any color, any style) 


* 1 pack of 3 hole, wide ruled, loose leaf paper 


* 3 divider tabs (labeled: reading lessons, grammar, writing)


* 3 post-it note pads (any size, any color)


* 2 sharpened pencils 


* A backpack that is big enough to hold your jacket


* An art smock in a gallon size zip-lock bag. Both the bag and the smock must be labeled with your name


* A healthy snack each day




The following donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated! 

* Hand sanitizer 

* Disinfecting wipes

* Tissues 

* Glue sticks

* Dry erase markers