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Course Outline & Class Expectations



Daily Work   


In study skills we work on assignments from all classes. In my class our main focus is on ELA however we will have days we practice math, or work on science or social studies assignments that students need assistance with. Some days each student in a class may be working on something different. 




Weekly Assignments 


Students will have weekly assignments through various websites to build fluencey and speed in reading comprehension, language skills, and math facts. These websites include MobyMax, IXL, and Reflex Math. Each website assesses your student's current level and builds from there.



Class Expectations


All students are expected to come to class daily whether in person or virtually through our ZOOM meeting. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY!!!


I expect all assignments to be completed on time, as this is a Study Skills class for students who have IEPs and are all allowed extended time, the time frame for the assignments are always appropriate to their needs. However, points will be deducted for late assignments. 


My grading is not always based on the students' knowlege or ability but on the effort put forth in the classroom. It is very easy to pass this class, the only way you will fail is from not doing the work at all.




I also encourage them to continue reading for pleasure. Reading is what encourages learning.