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My name is Mrs. Sommer Lalonde.  I am your teacher this year.  I am so very excited to get to know you.  Together, we will grow and learn all sorts of new and amazing things.  
I am married and have three children.  I also have a dog and a cat.  When I am not at school, I am busy with my children who are very active in extracurricular activites such as dancing and football, .  
I expect a lot of my own children, and will expect a lot from you.  I will demand that you do your very best in all activites.  I will try my very best to help you shine to the best of your abilities.  We will have a fun and challenging year and I am so excited about it!!  

Your Teacher,

Mrs. Sommer Lalonde




 just a little side note....  I have seen it said that some parents would like to know what a teacher likes for gifts.... I love good smelling candles, bath bombs or relaxing bubble baths, and gel pens....



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