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Alicia Smith, School Nurse

609-737-4008, ext. 8141 or option 3

Telsafe (Absence/Tardy Reporting) 609-737-4008,option 2

FAX:  609-737-7348


Toll Gate Grammar School

Welcome to the Health Office


Dear Parents/Guardians:


The following are a few procedures from the health office that I would like you to be aware of and to follow so we can help safeguard your child’s health.


1. The school attempts to provide an environment in which the child will be safe from accidents. If an accident or sudden illness occurs, first aid will be administered and the child’s parents will be notified.
2. There is a Telsafe program for all students at Toll Gate If your child is going to be absent or late, we ask that you notify the school by leaving a message on the Telsafe line, 737-4008, option 2, which is operational 24 hours. If we do not receive a call, you will receive a call at home or work to verify the whereabouts of your child. Each child who is absent from school should bring a note, outlining the reasons for absence, on the first day the child returns to school. Telsafe is the best way to notify the school; please do not depend on email notification to the teacher or nurse for reporting absences.
3. If any medication must be administered to a student during school hours, it must be according to the following Board approved policy:
a. Pupils requiring prescription medications at school must have a written signed statement from the physician that identifies the type, dosage, purpose, frequency and side effects of the medication.
b. The medication must be delivered by a parent to the health office in an original bottle labeled by the pharmacy.
c. Parent written permission must also be given. A medication form, which has an area for both the physician and the parent to sign, is available from the health office.
d. The school nurse should be advised of any medication being taken by a child attending school particularly any that might cause a behavior change.
4. Screenings for height, weight, vision, hearing and scoliosis are done annually or at age appropriate times. Parents are notified if further evaluation is needed.
5. Please notify the health office if there are any changes in the following:
a. Your child’s health status
b. Any immunizations received (immunizations must be listed separately with the dates of each. Please request a note from your physician when your child receives an immunization.)
c. Any changes in contact information and phone numbers.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 737-4008, ext. 8141 or option 3.




Alicia Smith
School Nurse