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Cosmetology 2



  After completing Cosmetology 1, you will have the opportunity to continue your introduction to cosmetology while earning your Micro Enterprise Regional Credential on your Jumpstart Pathway. The course is meant to give additional experience and knowledge in a constantly changing and growing field that offers great opportunities for your future.  


Topics covered are;

Skin care:   Facial Makeup, Artificial lashes, etc.

Hairstyling:  Marcel ironing, Up-do styling, Flat ironing and more

Nail Care:  Manicures, Pedicures, Nail art 


  In Cosmetology 2, you will complete the second phase of the Micro Enterprise Regional Credential on your Jumpstart pathway. 


** Dress code is as stated by the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology 

       a. Black scrubs (must arrive and depart school in this uniform)

       b. Closed cleanable shoes (absolutly no slippers or sandals)

       c. Black or grey sweater or light jacket can be worn in class. (no pull-overs, hoodies, hats or caps)