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Welcome to Cosmetology 2 / Micro-Enterprise



 Students wearing correct uniforms.




Our goal is to educate young men and women on a career that is always in demand. Get introduced to the arts and science of styling, massage, make-up and more!


Micro- Enterprise Credential

(Full Regional Credential)


Students will have the opportunity to learn all about starting a small business. We advise them on the steps necessary to fulfill many Americans dream of being independent business owners, no matter what they choose to invest their future in. 

Requirements to receive this credential are;

1- Complete the Self Assessment and Self Assessment Presentation

2- Complete and pass both Cosmetology I & II

3- Pass the Micro Enterprise Regional Credentialing Exam

4- Complete 300 Cosmetology hours



16 years old or older

11 or more credits

Lab fee ($40.00)

Uniforms are required 



Students must arrive and depart campus wearing black scrubs every day

Shoes must be closed and absolutely no slippers or sandals are allowed



Must have a Social Security card and Birth Certificate when entering Cosmetology 1 only