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Dear Parents,


 Seasonal allergies are here!  Seasonal allergies, also known as hay fever or seasonal allergic rhinitis, are allergy symptoms that occur during certain times of the year, usually when outdoor molds release their spores or trees, grasses and weeds release tiny pollen particles into the air to fertilize other plants.  


The immune systems of people who are allergic to mold spores or pollen treat these particles (called allergens) as invaders and release chemicals, including histamine, into the bloodstream to defend against them. 


Seasonal allergy symptoms can include red/itchy eyes, watering of eyes, eye swelling, sore throat, runny noses, and sneezing. If you know your child has severe seasonal allergies and needs to take medication, please try to give it to them at home to avoid worsening of symptoms at school.   


There is no real cure for seasonal allergies, but it is possible to relieve symptoms.  Start by reducing or eliminating exposure to allergens. During allergy season, It is important to try to avoid allergy triggers by following some basic steps: keeping windows closed, bathing after being outside, avoid lying in bed after being outside for long periods to avoid spread of pollen or grass spores contaminating your sheets, washing clothes and sheets often to get rid of allergens, and using allergy relief medications such as antihistamines or other medications that may be recommended by your doctor.  


 If reducing exposure to allergens isn’t possible or is ineffective, medicines can help ease allergy symptoms.  There are many non-drowsy antihistamines, nasal sprays and eye drops available as a prescription and over the counter. Many of these medicines can be taken at home once a day.


 Please talk to your physician about what would be best for your child and remember that I need a consent from the parent and a physician’s order to give medications at school. Mediations are to be brought to school by a Parent. Please do not send medication into school with your child to self-administer.


Feel free to reach me should you have any questions at 201-531-1235 Ext 4006.


                                                                                      Joann Saab, RN, APN, CSN