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ABCYA is a website full of educational games for students in grades K-5. Students can use this website to practice sight words, grammar, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, and many many more skills! 




Starfall is a website geared towards the younger grade levels. Your students can use this website to practice reading skills, letter skills, and math skills. There are also a lot of educational games for the students to play! 


Moby Max


Moby Max is a website where students can practice math, fact fluency, reading, writing, language, and vocabulary. Also on Moby Max, are fun educational games for your students to play!


Math Playground


Math Playground is just what it says it is, a math playground! Students can practice all kinds of math skills on page for all grade levels! 


Multiplication Practice


Students should use this website as often as they can to practice their multiplication facts. Practice is always a great tool to keep us up to date on our multiplcation facts!


Division Practice


Students should use this website as often as they can to practice their division facts. Just like with multiplication, it is always a good thing to practice our division facts!


Room Recess


Room Recess is a wonderful website for students of any grade to practice math, reading, and word skills. Students can choose their games by grade level, by skill level, or by both!




Arcademics is a fun and engaging website that students can utilize to practice math facts! Arcademics allows students to play against other students while having fun and learning at the same time!




Storia is Elsinboro's new reading program that has taken the place of 100 Book Challenge. Storia is an engaging website where students can read books on their reading level. They can also choose books that interest them and test their comprehension of the books they read.  




IXL is a website where students can practice both literacy and math skills for the specific grade level. 


Read Write Think


Read Write Think is a fun website where students can practice literacy skills while playing interactive games!


PBS Kids


Who doesn't love PBS Kids? Students can practice many different math and literacy skills while playing games with their favorite characters!




Use Quizlet to practice reading sight words, writing sight words, and playing games! You can even use Quizlet to create your own flashcards for subjects such as spelling, reading, and math!


PARCC Practice 


Use this website to help you practice for the PARCC assessment. It can be accessed at anytime throughout the year and you can practice for both Language Arts and Math!