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This page will include some helpful links for math help.  If you do not understand a homework topic, or just want to refresh your memory on something, this page will include places that may help you.


I have set up classes on Quizlet for each math class.  Click the link to be taken to the saved quizlet study sets for each grade.  You may use different grades for review or as a challenge! :)  If you notice a topic we are working on in school does not have a study set available, please let me know and I will correct it immediately!


**You do NOT need to create a quizlet account in order to use the study sets.  If you would like to make an account, it is free to do so but please ask a parent/guardian first!!**


Math 6:

Math 7: 

Math 8:

This site is completely free to use.  You may also sign up for an account.  You and your student can access videos that explain math topics, which may be helpful when completing homework or studying for a test.  To start, click "Learners, start here."  When you see "Math by Grade" on the left hand side of the screen, click your desired grade from the choices.  Then, find the topic you would like to see more on.

Math is Fun is one of my favorite websites!  It has MANY topics explained very nicely.  Just search for the topic you are trying to find in the search box, or click through the more general topics listed right underneath.

Latitude and Longitude practice game for 6th grade