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Homework/ Grading Systems


Tests/Projects: 50%

Quizzes: 30%

Classwork/Homework/Participation: 20%


At times, I will use a check system to mark classwork and homework. Below is the scale I use to grade the assignments:

Check + : 100

Check: 95

Check- : 90

- : 85


Tasks/ Homework: Tasks/ homework assignments are due on a daily basis. They will be listed daily under the homework and events tabs; however, the students are still responsible for copying the information into their agenda books (especially if something occurs and the information is not available on the website).  Depending on our daily schedule, students are permitted time in class to complete their tasks. What isn't completed in class, MUST BE DONE FOR HOMEWORK.  Remember Task time is a privilege. Use your time wisely. Missed assignments will result in lowering of homework grade and loss of recess. 


Specific rubrics will be give for major writing/projects in advance of the assignment due date.