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Title Page: The first page in the report should include the title of the project as well as the name and grade of the student.  


Table of Content: This page provides the reader with a list of the different parts of the project and the page number on which each section can be found.  


Statement of Purpose: State the purpose of the project in the form of a question.  


Hypothesis: You must have a hypothesis before you complete the project. A hypothesis is an educated guess about what you think will occur as a result from completing your experiment.


Research: This is the part of the report that contains all the background information that you collected about your topic. Any books or articles read from the internet/journal, authorities on the topic that you talked to, or outside materials collected should be summarized in this section. This section should be written in your own words and NOT copied from your resources.  


Materials: This is a list of all the materials and supplies used in the project. Quantities and amounts of each should also be indicated.  


Procedure: You will list and describe the steps you took to complete the project. Usually this is listed in a numbered sequence. This part shows the stages of the project so that another person can carry out the experiment.


Observations and Results: In this section, you will tell what you learned from the project. It is also IMPORTANT to include all graphs, charts, or other visual data (pictures) that helps to show your results.  


Conclusion: This is a brief statement explaining why your project turned out the way it did. You should explain why the events you observed occurred. Using the word “because” is a good way to turn an observation into a conclusion. The conclusion should tell whether the hypothesis was proven or not proven. Also give the reason(s) why you chose to learn more about the subject. You could also add what you know now that you didn’t know before you completed your project.