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Maria DiDomenico 


If anyone would describe me, they would say I am a woman of Science. I love to think and learn about the world around me, explore analytical problems and solve these problems in innovative ways.


I have had a few adventures living in New Orleans all of my primary years.  As life goes on and things change, we moved to Chicago, a big city with lots of wind and snow, and then to Brigantine, a barrier island off the coast of New Jersey.  This small beach town is now my heart and hometown. 


I am a proud alumni of Brigantine North Middle School, Class of 1998. I went on to Atlantic City High School, where I strived to achieve the most of a great opportunity. I took a vareity of science classes offered including AP Environmental Science. After attending Atlantic City High School, I attended Rutgers University and went on to study Environmental Science. Upon graduation, I became an Environmental Scientist and Planner for both the private and public sector. After a few years, I felt my calling was in science education and went back to school to earn a Masters in Teaching from Montclair State University.


Upon gradation from Montclair, I taught 8th grade science in Newark, NJ for one year. It was a great experience where I learned to work with all students at every level. Since 2011, I have been lucky enough to be granted the opportunity to work in my hometown, Brigantine, as a Science Teacher. I am proud of my work in Brigantine and hope to bring my love for science to the classroom. 


I am proud to say that in May 2016, I earned my Masters in School Adminstration from Rowan University. In addition to science education, I am interested in curriuculum development and would like to become a School Adminstrator in the future. 


Life is not all about school and work. I have a wonderful husband and 3 children who also attend Brigantine Public Schools.