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6th   7th   8th
Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation   Structure and Properties of Matter   Chem Reactions
Wave Model   Atomic Structure  
Conservation of Mass (in Chem Reactions)
Amplitude and Energy Frequency , wavelength , wave speed
  Physical/Chem changes   Endothermic/ Exothermic Reactions
Reflection/ Refraction/ Absorption   Phases of Matter (temp particle motion energy)    
Optics/ Electromagnetic Spectrum        
Weather and Climate   Earth's Systems   Energy
Water Cycle   Plate Tectonics   Kinetic and Potential
Interaction of Air Masses   Rock Cycle   Convection/ Conduction/Radiation
Density's effect on Air masses, ocean currents etc…   Weather Cycle   Law of Conservation of Energy
Climate Change   Weathering and Erosion   Basic types of energy
Atmospheric Layers       Transformation of Energy
    History of Earth  
Digital/Analog (transmission of Information)
    4.5 Billion year organizational history    
Space Systems       Natural Selection and Adaptation
Earth, Sun, Moon Relationship (tides, phases of)      
Comparing modern and fossil organisms
Size/Distance of objects in Universe       Evolution
Role of Gravity locally and between bodies in Univ.       Genetics
        Sexual and Asexual Reproduction
    Matter and energy in organisms and Ecosystems    
    Food Chain Food Web Energy Pyramid   Forces and Interactions
Structure Function and Information Processing   Photosynthesis   Newton's Laws
Unicellular v. Multicellular   Carbon cycle   Electricity and Magnetism
Structure and function of Cells/ Organelles ( Plant and Animal)
How food availibility affects each level of the Ecosystem
  Forces as Vectors
Body Systems   Biomes, Habitat, Ecology   Gravitation
Stimulus/ Response   Human impacts on Ecosystems    
    Interdependent relationships in Ecosystems    
Growth Development and Reproduction of Organisms   Food Chains   Human Impacts
Plant and Animal Reproduction (structures of)   Predator/ Prey   Climate Change
Heredity and Genetics   Mutually Beneficial   Human's impact on Eecosystems
    Conservation of Natural Resources   Conservation of Natural Resources