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Mandate-is clear or mesh school bag. 


Shirts must also be tucked in at all times. 


No hoodies or coats in class.

All schools must adhere to the dress code adopted by the St. Martin Parish School Board.  See full dress code policy in Parish handbook.



Below is a brief reminder of the basic dress code. 


Book bags/ back packs: Must be mesh or see-through (as per parish policy).


Hair:  Must be of appropriate length for school.  Style or color should not cause distractions in learning.  Therefore, unnatural hair colorings Mohawks are also not allowed nor any designs shaved into the hair.


Accessories:  No accessories such as necklaces, bracelets or neckties are necessary in a school setting.  Boys are not allowed to wear earrings. 


Shirt: Solid color: red or white (polo); short or long sleeves; two or three buttons at the top front and collar.  No emblems or insignias or monograms.


T-shirts/undershirts, turtlenecks/mock turtlenecks: solid color: navy, red or white.  Can only be worn under a polo shirt. Camouflage shirts cannot be worn as an undershirt. 


Jumpers: Uniform Navy Blue; Uniform shirts must be worn under jumpers; Navy blue shorts worn under jumpers.


Skirts, skorts, shorts, slacks: Solid color: Navy blue; worn at waistline; no patch pockets; must have front waistband and belt loops; Pre-K and Kindergarten students may wear pull on shorts and slacks. 

Cropped, stirrup, parachute, wind, stretch/warm-up, joggers, carpenter and jean style pants are not allowed. Capri pants are not allowed. Cannot be tight fitting.  Shorts must be worn under skirts.  


Belt: Mandatory when wearing slacks, shorts, or skirts with belt loops. Belt buckles must be plain. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. 


Socks: Must be worn even with “boat” shoes or slip ons.


Shoes: Closed toe and closed heel shoes; no sandals, boots, moccasins, crocs, slippers or heels above one inch. No rollerblades, lights or any extraordinary features. Shoes with laces should be tied at all times.


Sweaters/Sweatshirts: Solid navy, white, or red or school spirit sweatshirt.


Hats/Caps: Winter knit pullover hats shall be allowed on buses and outdoors during cold weather.


Spirit shirts: A school approved PBIS spirit shirt may be worn to school in place of the polo shirt. 


Coats and Jackets:  Coats and jackets of any color (zip or pull-over) are acceptable.  No long, below the knee dusters or trench coats allowed.  Coats and jackets are not to be worn in the building.