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Red Homework Folder

All materials (excluding Reading) will go home in your child’s red homework folder.  Important papers and homework will be placed (by your child) on the Return side of the folder.  Class work and previous night’s homework will be placed on the Keep side. These are to be kept at home.  Red folders should be checked nightly. 


Homework Calendar

Your child will receive a weekly homework calendar at the beginning of each school week in his or her folder.  It will list homework for each night and when test will be given.  Homework is to be done nightly and will be checked in class the following day.  If your child does not do his or her homework an incomplete homework form will be filled out and sent home for your signature.  After the 4th incomplete homework an office referral will be completed.


Green Reading Folder

All reading materials will be placed in the Green Folder. Students will need to bring this folder home nightly.  Look on the back to get reading assignment for the night on the Reading Homework Sheet.


Blue Test Folder

Your child will receive his or her conduct grade along with the previous week’s test papers every TUESDAY.  They will be sent home for review and you will sign the sheet that will be stapled to the test papers.  You are to return this folder along with the test papers the following day.



When sending ANY money to school please place it in an envelope with your child’s name on it and place it inside their RED folder. Students will be asked each morning to check their folders for notes or money that needs to be turned in.