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Accelerated Reader (AR)


I don't think I can stress enough the importance of AR for your student's Reading grade and reading success.  Many of you are probably familiar with this system. Our AR program is designed to monitor and manage your student's independent reading.  Both teachers AND parents can monitor progress. I have included information at the bottom of this page to help guide you in helping your student be successful in AR. I need your help! :)


Students are given reading grades based upon their accuracy and attainment of their AR goal each six weeks. AR will affect their Reading grades!! Goals vary for each student.

Students have a set library class time each week, and they have the opportunity to go to the library in the mornings before class starts.


Helpful Links:


AR Home Connect for Parents/Guardians

Please follow this link to view your students progress towards their goal for the current 6 weeks. They login with their lunch number and first & last initials, as they do at school. Accuracy should stay above 90%, and their goal must be 100% or greater.


AR Book Finder

This link is very helpful. If your student has books from home or the public library that you would like them to test on, check here to see if it has an AR quiz number. If the book does not have a quiz number, then it can not be tested on. Students must take the AR quiz at school. Send the quiz number with them.


Don't forget to get a FREE library card from your local public library.  These extra books will boost your student's reading and AR goal!! Here's a link to the Ouachita Parish Public Library site.


Ouachita Parish Public Library