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What types of support service do you do?

Consultative school related individual and small group counseling occurs during the school day on a weekly basis with prearranged appointments.  Informed consent is required for extended counseling sessions.  If you are looking for more comprehensive counseling, please contact me for referrals.


When can my child come to see you?

Anytime!  Students can really come anytime during the school day however I do prefer they set up an appointment or by writing a note and putting it in the "Problem Solving Box" near the main office and near the "Flocktown Trout" tank. Please remind your child to tell their teacher if they are coming down to see me.


When can I see you to talk to you about my child?

Parents can always request appointments in person, by phone, email or letter. I wear many hats in the school which means I also have several responsibilities throughout the school day, I will try my very best to return your email or voicemail message as soon as possible.


What if for some reason, I would like my child to not participate in school counselor activities?

If you wish to have your child exempted from any lunch bunches, classroom lessons, individual or group lessons, please contact me through writing.  Please be aware I will not be held responsible for any social/emotional support in that case.



As a certified mental health professional, I am required to follow ethical and legal guidelines in maintaining confidentiality. 


What is confidentiality?

This means that information for the safety and well being of your child, limits to the confidentiality include the occasional need to consult with your child's teachers or the school administratos; or the need to report to the proper authorities if a student discloses that he/she is being harmed, has been harmed, or is planning to do harm to him/herself or someone else.


Please be aware that in some cases you might receive a phone call from me regarding concerns that are repeatedly brought to a staff member/teacher's attention or of a concern that requires parental assistance.  




Mrs. Sokol