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Entering the Classroom--

  • Each day before you enter my classroom you will line up against the outside (not the locker) wall. While you are in line this is your last opportunity to make sure that you have everything that you will need to be prepared for class. This is also where you will settle down and get ready to quietly enter the classroom.
  • You MUST have all materials when you enter the class. 

Classroom Procedures—

  • In order to help transition into class, we will have the same classroom procedures each day.

1. Come in quietly and copy homework that is posted on the board each day.

2. Take out any homework while I come around and sign assignment books.

3. Complete daily “Do Now” activity.

4. Silent sustained reading.

5. Tuesday and Thursdays—I will read a book to the class for 5-10 minutes 

Bathroom Usage—

  • Students must ask before they leave the room. Please do not ask during the middle of a lesson. Pick an appropriate time to leave the room.
  • You must sign out on the whiteboard at the front of the room.
  • Only 1 student out at a time.
  • Make sure to take the pass…and bring it back!

Grading Policy—

  • I always take late assignments, but they will lose 10 points for being late!
  • Large projects I take 5 points off per how many weeks it is late. 

  Emergency Procedures

  • I take your safety very seriously.
  • During fire drills, lockdown procedures, or other emergencies, I expect quiet—This is for your safety as well as mine!