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Fundations Trick Words


Students will need to know how to read and spell these words.

Check your child's BEE binder for our current unit.



Unit 1:  There are no words for the first unit.



Unit 2:   the     of     and     is     his     a



Unit 3:   to     be     we     into     he     for


          she     me     as     or     has



Unit 4:   you      I      your     they    


          one     said     was



Unit 5:   from     do     have     does



Unit 6:   were     here     are     there     


          what     when     who     where



Unit 7:  why    by    my     try     two    put


         too     very    also     some     come 



Unit 8:  would     could     should


          her       over     number



Unit 9:   say    says    see    between    each



Unit 10:  any     many    how     now


           down    out     about    our



Unit 11:  friend    other    another


           none     nothing



Unit 12:  people    month    little    been


           own       want      Mr.    Mrs.



Unit 13:  work     word     write     being    


         their    first    look    good     new



Unit 14:  water    called    day    may    way