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Dear Parents,


Third grade is a very exciting year for your child.  Your child will be reviewing and expanding on knowledge he/she already has, as well as learning many new things.  In the past, students seem to be the most eager and enthusiastic to learn how to multiply, divide, and write in cursive.  However, there are other topics that are also very interesting.  I would like to share with you an overview of the topics that will be covered in each subject this year.


Reading                                                                     Math

Alphabetical Order                                                     Addition and Subtraction – with and without

Dictionary Skills                                                                     regrouping

Drawing Conclusions                                                 Area

Glossary Skill                                                             Commutative, Associative, Distributive        

Graphophonics                                                                        Properties

Homonyms / Homographs                                         Division

Inferences                                                                  Even / Odd Patterns in addition and

Synonyms / Antonyms                                                            multiplication

Main Ideas / Details                                                   Fractions

Oral Reading                                                             Geometric Shapes

Paraphrasing                                                             Graphs

Prefixes / Suffixes                                                      Measurement

Semantics                                                                  Money

Sequencing                                                                Multiplication – with single and multiple

Summarizing                                                                           digits

Syntax                                                                        Perimeter

Table of Contents                                                      Place Value

Vowel Usage                                                             Rounding – to nearest 10 or 100

                                                                                  Telling Time – to the minute, elapsed


                                                                                   Word Problems – single and multi step



Language                                                                 Spelling

Capitalization / Punctuation                                       Compound Words

Sentence Structure                                                   Contractions

Grammar                                                                   Syllable Division

Paragraph Form                                                        Vowel Rules / Consonant Blends


Writing- Narrative, Informational,

               Persuasive, Poetry


Science                                                                      Social Studies

Weather and Climate Patterns                                   Government                                

Forces and Interactions                                              Immigration     

Life in Ecosystems                                                      Maps       

                                                                                    Native Americans


Cursive Writing

 Lower Case Letters

Upper Case Letters



I hope this overview will be beneficial to you in assisting your child through his/her studies this year.



                                                                                    Mrs. M. Gallagher