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Each spelling list consists of 20 words, 5 of them are challenge words ( marked with an *)  Homework will be given each night. There will be a pretest on Wednesdays to help students know which words they will need the most practice on. The final weekly spelling test is on Fridays.  Please help practice these words each week with your child. 




Unit 3, Week 1



let's     he'd     you'll     can't     I'd


won't     haven't     hasn't     she'd     they'll


when's     we'd     should've     wasn't     didn't 


*they'd     *would've     *could've     *needn't     *you've 




Unit 3, Week 2



unhappy     recall     disappear     unload     mistake


misspell     dislike     replace     mislead     disagree


rewrite     unroll     unknown     dishonest     react 


*unfortunate     *discourage     *uncomfortable     *recycle     *mispronounce




Unit 3, Week 3



clock     large     page     mark     kitten


judge     crack     edge     pocket     brake


change     ridge     jacket     badge     orange 


*ceiling     *advantage     *pledge     *Kentucky     *pencil 




Unit 3, Week 4



beautiful     safely     kindness     finally     spotless


worthless     illness     helpful     daily     suddenly 


wireless     quietly     fairness     cheerful     painful 


*anxiously     *thoughtfully     *cautiously     *tardiness     *breathless 




Unit 3, Week 5



thumb     gnaw     written     know     climb


design     wrist     crumb     assign     wrench


knot     wrinkle     lamb     knob     knit 


*wrestler     *bologna     *cologne     *honeycomb     *knickknack