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Each spelling list consists of 20 words, 5 of them are challenge words ( marked with an *)  Homework will be given each night. There will be a pretest on Wednesdays to help students know which words they will need the most practice on. The final weekly spelling test is on Fridays.  Please help practice these words each week with your child.


**Please see the highlighted words for the modified spelling lists. **


Unit 1, Week 1


happen     lettuce     basket     winter     sister


problem     supper     subject     lesson     spelling         


napkin     collar     traffic     suggest     puppet


*skillet     *picnic     *planet    *system     *pumpkin




Unit 1, Week 2


 pennies     inches     plants     families     bodies


glasses    wishes     pockets     lists     copies


parties     bunches     crashes     supplies     pencils


 *accidents     *libraries     *mysteries     *carpenters     *merchants




Unit 1, Week 3


using     getting     easiest     swimming     heavier


greatest     pleased     emptied     leaving     worried


strangest     freezing     funniest     angrier     shopped


*included     *occurred     *supplying     *scarier     *happiest




Unit 1, Week 4


clean     agree     teeth     dream     grain


coach     display     window     shadow     cheese


peach     braid     Sunday     float     thrown


*entertain     *complain     *bleachers     *willow    *wheat




Unit 1, Week 5


proud     shower     hour     amount     voyage


choice     avoid     thousand     prowl     employ


bounce     poison     annoy     appoint     broil


*however     *mountain     *coward     *turmoil     *chowder



Unit 1, Week 6: Review



problem     pennies     inches     glasses     swimming




pleased     shopped     dream     cheese     grain




coach     hour     shower     choice     annoy




*thrown     *display     *pumpkin     *traffic     *families