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 Class Folder

Throughout the year, your first grader will have a designated folder that will travel from home and school each day. Each folder will have 2 pockets, "Take-Home" and "Return to School". Please check this folder everyday for important papers, homework packets, completed work, and/or notes. Additionally, please place any important papers, notes, change of dismissal forms, or signed items that need to be delivered to me, the office, or any other teacher inside of the "Return to School" pocket.



We will have a "working" snack every day; so please send in a small non-nut (easy to handle) snack. Some good snacks may be a small bag of pretzels, goldfish, or cheese-its, etc. Please make sure your child knows the difference between his/her snack and lunch. It would be helpful if the snacks were packed separately, making it easier to place it in their desk in the morning. The children are able to bring a water bottle to class as well. There are refill water bottle stations throughout the building.  



Special Area Schedule: 

Our specials run on a 4 day schedule.  Therefore, when we are at school for 5 days, we will have the same special area class on Monday and Friday.




Birthdays are very exciting! Although first graders at Oakview cannot have a celebration with a snack or treat, we WILL acknowledge your child’s birthday in our class (summer birthdays too!)  




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