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Remote Learning

Week 11 & 12 

June 1st - June 11, 2020


Final STEAM Challenge 


If I Built A House


Directions & Shape Templates

 If I Built a House - STEAM 2nd & 3rd Grade.docx   



Read Aloud 

If I Built a House Read Aloud by Chris Van Dusen









Remote Learning

Week 9 & 10

May 18th - May 29th, 2020


 Patriotic Newspaper Hat Challenge



In honor of all the Men and Woman who have fought for our Freedom your challenge is to Design and Build a Patriotic Hat for Memorial Day!




  • Please click on the Patriotic Newspaper Hat Challenge docx below and read the directions
  • Watch my Screencast-o-matic Video
  • Print out the directions to make a newspaper hat, if needed
  • Have Fun Creating your Patriotic Hat!


 Patriotic Newspaper Hat Challenge K-2.docx 



 Newspaper Hat printable directions.docx 


Please email me a picture of you wearing your Patriotic Hat to












 Remote Learning 

Week 7 & 8

May 4th - May 15th, 2020


 Hi Everyone,

You are doing a fantastic job, keep up the Great Work!

I Miss you all!




Please click on the Shadow Monster Document below and then watch my video for directions!

Shadow Monsters.docx


Have Fun!


Please email me a picture of your Shadow Monster to















Remote Learing

Week 5 & 6

April 20th - May 1st, 2020


Please continue to work on your Earth Day Challenge. 


If you have already completed your Earth Day Challenge 

(due May 1st) please use this week to make up any challenges you have not completed. 


Just scroll down for previous Challenges!



Please email me your challenge when it is complete to








Earth Day is Wednesday April 22

Happy Earth Day 




Earth Day Toast Challenge



Earth Day Toast STEM Challenge.docx




Please email me your completed Challenge














2nd Grade STEAM Challenge  

Week 4  

April 6, 2020


Optional Easter STEAM Challenges



1.  Stack the Eggs Challenge

Mrs. Casciano's Egg Tower is 11 inches high, can you build a higher one?   

Stack The Egg Challenge.docx 



2. Protect a Peep Challenge


 Protect A Peep.docx  





3.  Easter LEGO Building  


  Easter LEGO STEM.docx









































2nd Grade STEAM Challenge

Week 2 & 3 

Due April 3, 2020


Please click on the link below and watch the Read Aloud 


"Mae Among the Stars" by Roda Ahmed. 


After you have watched the story please click on the Word Document below for your challenge and instructions.

Please email me a picture of your rocket and coding worksheet to  


  2nd Grade Blast Off Rocket & ASCII Coding.docx








STEAM Challenge for the week of 3/16-3/20 

Circles Creativity Challenge 

Week 1 


Kindergarten -2nd Grade:  

Please complete the 12 Circle page. 

Set a timer for 15 minutes. 

You may allow more time if needed.


3rd-5th Grade:

Please complete the 30 Circle Page 

Set a timer for 30 minutes. 

You may allow more time if needed.



 The purpose of this creativity challenge is to help students think outside the box. 



 12 or 30 Circles Recording Sheet


 Pencil, Colored Pencils, Crayons or Markers   




 The goal of this challenge is to have your child turn as many circles as possible into recognizable objects in the time allowed. Before   students begin, explain to them that the focus is not on the skill of the drawings. Rather, students should be more concerned with   getting as many ideas generated as possible. Please click on the link below to print your child's circle page, set the timer and go. If   more time is needed, please note where your child was when their alloted time was up.



Please email me your work and feel free to email me if you have any questions:




30 Circles Challenge




Click the link for printable worksheets and instructions!