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Week of 5/18-5/22


Continue to do the daily assignments everyday on the home page of my eboard and post a flipgrid video on your show & tell day.





1. Butterfly symmetry activity. butterfly template.jpg 

   -Cut out attached butterfly template

   -Put some circles of different colored paint only on one side of the butterfly wings

   -fold in half & press down. Open up to see your beautiful butterfly with both wings matching exactly the same.  This is called symmetry. You can then draw a happy face onto your butterfly.  Send me a picture or post on flipgrid. If you don't have paint you can color your butterfly but both sides have to be exactly the same. Send me a picture or post on flipgrid.

2. Our new word family for the week is the "-ig word family". Remember all the words you create will have the same ending. You just have to change the first letter. Example fig & pig. Listen to Jack Hartman Word Family - IG.

 How many words can you come up with? Remember they all rhyme.  When done complete the attached sheets. -ig word family tracing.png-ig roll & trace game.png  

3. Lets take out our binoculars and do some bird watching(don't worry if you don't have binocualrs) It is best to do this in the morning when the birds are waking up for the day.  See how many different birds you can find. Then complete the I Spy Birds sheet. i-spy-birds.pdf - .webarchive.

4. Father's Day packet - An email will be sent out for a Father's Day project.  Even though Father's Day is in June we usually finish a project before the end of the school year.  This can be done at your leisure.  I will be sending two options.  You can choose one or do both.




1. Continue practice -ig word family.  Can you trace and sound out the words? -ig trace & write.png-ig word family match.png-ig reading.png 

2. Number recognition from 1-26. Follow the numbers in order from 1-26 and see what picture you created.  Color when done. butterfly connect the dots.png 

3. Complete the chrysalis observation sheet. Draw a picture of the caterpillars in their chrysalis chrysalis observation.png 

4. Memorial Day - A day to honor those that gave their lives for our country. Complete the color by number for a beautiful picture.  You can mount it on to red or blue construction paper when done. memorial day coloring sheet.png

5. Listen to the story "Memorial Day Surprise" What was Marco's surprise? I hope you enjoy the story