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  Week of 5/4-5/8

Continue to do the daily assignments everyday on the home page of my eboard and post a flipgrid video on your show & tell day.





1. To celebrate Star Wars Day, I'm attaching a variety of activities(mazes, I Spy, coloring pages)They don't have to do all of them and you don't need to print everything. I just ask that they do one of each.  They can do as many as they like. Star wars coloring pages.pdfStar Wars Mazes.pdf , Star-Wars-I-SPY-Variety-Pack-Picture-Searches.pdf 

2. Practice recognizing and writing #10.  Can you make groups of 10? You can use legos, toys, blocks, cheerios, etc...#10.png. Listen to Jack Hartman "count by 1's to 50 forward and backward" This gets the kids counting, recognizing their numbers and moving.

3. We are going to be introduced to word families. We will begin with -at words.  For example, bat, cat, hat. Can you think of some more and write them down on your wipe off card or white board? Do they sounf the same or different? They all rhymn.  -at rhyming.png-at family matching.png 

4. Word family activity. Create words that end in -at. Use playdouh, rice/flour tray, magnetic letters. See flipgrid.




1 .Let's continue with -at word families.  We are going to re-visit Dr. Seuss and his hat. Listen to the audiobook "The Cat in the Hat" Can you name the two -at words in the title of the book? After listening to the book see if you can name some rhyming words. Complete 2 attachments for -at word families.  -at house.png-at family word box.png  

2. See flipgrid for our -at family activity.  -at activity.png 

3. Continue to practice and recognize #10. #10-1.png 

4. Play the alphabet game.  Roll the dice, count the dots and trace the letter. Dice ABC Game.png 




1. Let's wrap up our -at word family.  Complete the attached worksheets.  See if you can sound out the words as you write them.  You are beginning to read words!! trace-at words.pngtrace & match -at words.png 

2. Listen to one of my favorite books, "Harold and the Purple Crayon" It is about a boy that uses his imagination and goes on an adventure and only uses his purple crayon.  Listen to it on Epic or youTube. (I like the read aloud on Epic better) 

 Attached are different paths that Harold took to get to his destination for you to trace and color. Make sure you only use your purple crayon. This is very good for fine motor skills and pencil control. free_Harold Purple Crayon tracing.pdf 

3.Harold and the Purple Crayon Activity. Take one or two pieces of white paper(tape together to make long) Use your purple crayon and your imagination and take yourself on an adventure. Where would you go?? The title of your picture will be your name and the Purple Crayon. See flipgrid for an example.

4. Let's review our numbers 1-20.  Connect the dots in order from 1-20 to reveal the picture.  Color when done.  Send me a picture. connect the dots numbers.png 

5. Please log onto and play the game "build a house" lets see how many different house you can build.